9 best BBQ joints in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you planning a trip to Phoenix? The city is home to many top-quality BBQ restaurants. It might be just hard for you to narrow down the best experience without having to try each and every one of them. To make sure that you have the best restaurant experience in this bustling metropolis below is a list of the top BBQ joints in Phoenix.

1)     Bobby Q

Bobby Q in North Mountain, Phoenix, is arguably the city’s top BBQ place. The restaurant is popular for its delicious food, and its fast and personable service. They have an increasingly popular outside catering operation going on. If you plan to just have a sit-down and try some of what’s going on, a group of professional chefs (led by Chef Mark Hittle) will not disappoint you. You can try your favorite fish, meat or fowl. You can easily reserve a table online through their website at a bobbyqphx.com.

2)     Little Miss Bbq

Located South East of Sky Harbor airport, Little Miss Bbq opens between Tuesday and Saturday (11 am – 4 pm). Their food is served meat market style. They have freshly barbecued meats served by weight, and with onions, pickles, and white bread. Their meats happen to be some of the best in the city, and their sausages are freshly made in house. Their entire barbecue is prepared Arizona-style using pecan and oak on a huge offset smoker.

3)     Pork on a Fork BBQ Grill

Phoenix has lots of barbecue restaurants, but Pork on a Fork stands out due to its passion and dedication to succulent and complex chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, as well as smoked baby back ribs. All their meats are cooked slowly on a daily basis over pecan wood. With locations near Deer Valley road and Camelback road, Pork on a Fork can be a little hard to find, but their meals and service are a bomb. They deliver right on time and most people end up falling into a long term relationship with this Phoenix BBQ joint.

4)     Naked BBQ

Located on the northern side of Bell Road, Naked BBQ is another joint to reckon with in the city of Phoenix. They open over lunch hours starting 11 am (until sold out) every Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, they open between 11 am to 8 pm. The menu includes pulled pork sandwich, hot links sandwich, sliced turkey and pulled chicken and chopped brisket sandwiches. They also have delicious platters, sides, and sandwiches. Prices seem to be very friendly and the service is often described by customers as excellent.

5)     Texas BBQ House

Open between 10 am and 7 pm every Tuesday through Saturday, Texas BBQ House is another restaurant of top repute in the city of Phoenix. It’s located in South Phoenix and was founded by Texas expats Doug Dieckmann and Mike Pitt. Their excellent smoked and dry-rubbed meats are phenomenal. However, you’ll not forget their other touches, which include turkey, chicken, pork, and hot links. Texas BBQ House is no doubt a fun place. The smoky sauce is packed in bottles at every red-white-checked table. It serves as an accessory to some of the best barbecues in the Valley.

6)     Frasher’s Smokehouse

Located East of Indian School Road, Frasher’s Smokehouse has been firing its smoker for more than 15 years. They provide some of the tastiest meats in the city, with Kansas-City-style BBQ that you’re certain to enjoy. If you’re looking for good old barbecue and southern comfort food, this is the place to be. The large choice of meats and sides will be there to service your level of hunger. The portions are plentiful without compromising on quality.

7)     Danky’s Bbq

Danky’s BBQ is located east of Bell Road. It opens between 11 am to 8 pm every Monday to Saturday. They are also open 1100-1800hrs every Sunday. The pork belly baked beans are just amazing, and you’ll find the pulled pork to be mouth watering.  They have a considerable variety of desserts, big dank plates, and sandwiches. The scratch apple pie is something you’ll definitely want to try, while their ribs happen to be some of the best in town. Danky’s also has a reputation for proper service.

8)     Hap’s Real Pit Barbecue

Hap’s Real Pit BBQ on Washington Street Phoenix is a good cooking den. They have some reputable good sauce that you can have on the side. Their barbecue is very tasty and the sides are simply excellent. Since it’s close to the airport, you might want to pass by if you’re headed (or coming from) that way. Their service is excellent and you’ll probably want to make an out order when you’re busy in the office or elsewhere.

9)     Bootleggers

This is a modern American smokehouse with two neighborhood restaurants located in the city of Phoenix. You’ll find bootleggers east of 1st Street at Old Scottsdale, and East of Shea Blvd. They have excellent craft BBQ. You get a very sexy indoor lighting that creates a proper mood for serious feasting. Bootleggers’ menu is designed for sharing, snacking and celebrating. They have a rotating selection of handmade cocktails, craft beers, and wines for toasting. Certainly, the place to be if you’re looking to enjoy some delicious meal and good drinks with a group of friends, team of colleagues, or even family members.

There are more than 3000 restaurants located in Phoenix, offering different categories of foods. If you’re looking for a good barbecue, the ones we’ve covered above are some of the very best!…

Out of town dining experience? Top 5 restaurants in North Scottsdale

The restaurant scene at North Scottsdale is surely worth the drive. Top restaurants in this area exhibit excellent customer service, expert cuisines and top-notch toppings from some of the Valley’s best-reputed chefs. Ingredients such as Lingonberry relish, Kumamoto oysters, and homemade sausage are common jargon in the area. Most of the top dishes might translate into a deeper plunge into your pocket, but when the food is good, it’s definitely worth it.

1.      Renegade by MOD

Renegade by MOD Scottsdale

This is a new restaurant and the work of chef Michael O’Dowd, whose 10 years at Kai earned it nationwide acclaim. You’ll find an electrifying menu of major re-invented dishes from all parts of the world. The restaurant itself offers an edgy atmosphere where you can enjoy your meal in peace, and O’Dowd’s multi-layered creations are presented in eye-peeling ways. If you’re serious about giving your food curiosity some new love, you’ll certainly be impressed by what you find here.

2.      ShinBay

ShinBay Scottsdale

Award-nominated chef Shinji Kurita brought some Japanese cuisine from across the ocean. This is the kind of restaurant that could thrive in any major city. What you find is nothing short of exquisite. Mr. Kurita’s omakase (chef’s choice dinners) are elegant, meticulously-prepared works of art. They include Santa Barbara prawn, whole blue crab, and an awesome selection of sushi. The restaurant will certainly not disappoint – you get the unforgettable food experience that you came looking for.

3.      Karaikudi Palace

Karaikudi Palace Scottsdale

If you have a preference or curiosity of South Indian dishes, this is the place to be. Karaikudi Palace serves up vibrant, bold works of art that are packed with top ingredients such as tamarind, cumin, chiles, ginger, and cardamom. Make sure you don’t miss out on the spicy and smoky curry of baby eggplants that come stuffed with spices and onions. There’s also the fish cooked in coconut sauce with green chilies and red onions, as well as the crispy stuffed dosas. Basically, the menu is laden with a lot of South Indian delicacies, so don’t hold back your appetite.

4.      Lamp Wood Oven Pizzeria

Lamp Wood Oven Scottsdale

This North Scottsdale restaurant is a creation by chef Matt Pilato, who combines his own style with long-standing Neapolitan techniques. The restaurant churns out almost 20 variety of red and white artisan pies (12”) and a casual pizzeria. You may have the bready crusts a variety of ingredients including Sam Marzano tomatoes, heady sausages, hand-stretched mozzarella and more. You get delicious meals with a classic Italian touch.

5.      Andreoli Italian Grocer

Andreoli Italian Grocer

Chef Giovanni Scorzo is the mind behind the works here, and he practically knows everything he needs to know to make super-delicious dishes. This is an Italian restaurant, with a fine selection of Old World eats such as Sicilian-style rice ball, luscious housemade pasta dishes, classic sandwiches and fantastic seafood. You’ll also get a tempting selection of scratch-made Italian desserts and other mouth-watering menu picks. If you have a keen appetite for Italian delicacies, Andreoli Italian Grocer (market and restaurant) might be just what you need.

Looking for a truly out-of-town classic dining experience in North Scottsdale? Try these 5 restaurants!…