Nationwide CareMatters II for our Seniors in Scottsdale

I felt compelled to write this article because a long time patron of my business BluBurger recently stopped showing up to our place here in Scottsdale, AZ.  He’d been a regular for 20 years and would come in three to five times a week.  We had become friends over the years and finally called his wife and she gave me the sad new that he had just had a stroke and would not be coming back to visit any more.  She went onto say that she had to put him into an assisted living facility here in Scottsdale.

As a little joke I asked her how the food at the assisted living compared to our restaurant and she laughed that he our food terribly. I told her I’d drop by and visit each month and bring him some food.  The topic of money cam up and how they were paying for the assisted living and she said that Ralph had bought a Nationwide hybrid long term care insurance policy that was paying the bills which were $8,000 per month!

I asked her more about the Nationwide plan and she said she did not know much other than it was a life saver.  I’d actually used Nationwide to insure my business for years and then went online to learn more about Ralph life saving plan.

Turns out it’s called Nationwide CareMatter’s II product and it pays the person cash each month to pay the long term care bills.  Nationwide CareMatters II plan was recently rolled out on May 15th, 2019 so I called up my local rep to learn more.  My rep said I needed to be healthy in order to qualify for the Nationwide CareMatters II plan and that I might have to lose some weight first.  I was only 45 so this was an eye opener for me and working in a restaurant all these years surrounded by yummy food had caught up with me.

It was a relief when he told me that I could get the Nationwide CareMatters II product at my current weight but I’d just have to pay more.  immediately applied for both myself and wife and for only $150,000 I was able to cover both of us and never had to make anymore payments for the rest of my life.  The best part of the Nationwide CareMatter II plan is if neither of us need to use out hybrid long term care insurance policy, our kids get a $210,000 tax free life insurance death benefit!



Travel Tips for Seniors

Traveling as a senior has it’s benefits, but there are precautions you should remember before leaving on your trip. The perks of being an elder while traveling can include discounts, meal accommodations, and time to avoid the busy high seasons.

Health is one of the major concerns you should evaluate before taking a trip. Whether you are traveling by plane, driving a long way, or going on a cruise you have to keep in mind of the many challenges that you could face. When traveling you have climate changes, navigating around the airport or destination, and also walking a lot. Here are some tips to make your trip stress-free and safe:

  1. Drink plenty of water- Traveling can cause dehydration to the body which then can cause fatigue. When fatigue and dehydration happen you have a chance of low blood sugar levels. So stay hydrated and remember to drink plenty of water.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing- Wearing tight clothes can not only be uncomfortable but it can put you at risk for blood clots if you are standing or sitting for a long time. Make sure to wear compressions socks that help stimulate the circulation in your legs. These are great for long flights.
  3. Arrange for Transportation ahead of time- If you call ahead and arrange for transportation it will help your trip run smoother. Airports offer buggy rides for passengers who need assistance around the airport.
  4. Put all your medication in your Carry-On Bag- Put all your prescription information and medication in a clear plastic bag for easy access through security check. Make sure to look up the carry-on luggage guidelines before taking it.
  5. Secure everything at home- Seniors can be targets by criminals when they go on a vacation. Make sure you have your neighbors keep an eye on your house or have a home security system. Make sure to lock all your doors and windows before you leave and leave some lights on. Having a car in the driveway if you can is a great way to keep your house protected.

Be sure to checkout LTC Tree featured on Clark Howard: “These companies are on the long term care insurance honor roll” 


Vegetarian Burgers Worth Giving up Meat for

Many people all over the world are deciding to go vegan or vegetarian. With the immense carbon footprint the meat industry puts on our planet every single day, it’s no wonder that people are deciding to help our environment by changing their diet. But with summer coming to a close and the cooler weather drawing everyone outside for barbecues and bonfires, the vegetarians often have to settle for side dishes or frozen “meat flavored” soy patties which, lets face it, are not particularly great-tasting. Here are some meatless burger recipes that will be perfect and delicious for vegetarian guests at a barbecue, or for your own Meatless Monday!

Tofu Burger


Don’t stop reading!! Starting the list with arguably the most stereotypically bland vegan ingredient there is probably doesn’t look like a good sign, but it is also one of the easiest burgers on this list. Think about it: Tofu absorbs any flavor it’s marinaded in, and all you have to do to form the patties themselves is slice a chunk off of the block! There are TONS of variations on tofu burger recipes on the internet, but here is a basic one that you can follow and tweak as you’d like. The recipe says to marinade for 20 minutes but I would recommend marinading for 1-2 hours to get the flavors really soaked in. Try different kinds of marinades and spices to see what you can create.

There is a high-end assisted living facility in Washington state that is 100% vegetarian and serves the best black bean burger.  Most of its residents haveLTC insurance to pay the bill and this can afford the finer things such as the vegan-nursing homes.  The burger itself is packet with of course beans but also the brain boosting omega three fatty acids from organic chia seeds.  These seeds have been shown to help with dementia symptoms so eat up!

Sun-dried Tomato and Quinoa Burger


This is almost like having a pizza inside of a burger. It’s cheesy and tomatoey and delicious, AND while most grains are not complete proteins (the kind of protein found in animal meat) quinoa is!

Portabella Burgers


Now, you could just grill the portabella cap and put it on a bun as an alternative like so many restaurants do, but this recipe gives you more of the burger mouth feel that a meat patty would give you, and the added spices, parmesan, broccoli and beans add flavor and texture that a grilled portabella cap just doesn’t have.

Garbanzo Bean Burgers


This one is my absolute favourite burger alternative. It tastes delicious and feels meaty as you’re eating it; plus it tastes great with any condiment, cheese, etc. and is SO easy to make.

Vegan Big Mac


I haven’t actually had a chance to try this one yet, but just reading through the ingredients convinced me to try to make them tonight. Who doesn’t love a Big Mac?! If you’re not dairy-free you can obviously use regular cheese and buns.